Have you ever wondered how mobile phones and smartphones started? Well, imagine life without mobile phones and smartphones? Everything must be done manually and communication wouldn’t be this fast and hassle-free. So to further understand how this evolution has all begun, you must read the rest of this article because it talks about how it all began and you will better appreciate them from now on.

It all started with the use of mobile radio telephone

It was in the World War II where US military was able to come up with a faster and better way to communicate with each other most especially if they are in the middle of a battlefield. And that is through mobile radiotelephone. Unlike those telephone line that you see, this specifically is wireless and it uses radio frequency to get the message to the receiver. Although there are some problems and issues with the use of this because the line can be intercepted if there are other radio frequency near it. But as time goes by issues where address well and over the years it improves which will now lead us to the second phase of evolution.

Bulky and Heavy Brick phone

Now this time, the brick phone came to life. Imagine a phone that looks exactly like a brick in terms of its size and how heavy it was. It was this time that chipsets were discovered and it was offered already for public use. This brick phone uses 1G or analog signals in order to call a person from the other line. These analog signals work exactly like an antenna in your television. But of course, when using this brick phone, people make sure that they have another bag with them since it is big and heavy to carry it around. And after this brick phone, another Evolution of Mobile Phones came to life. Check this out s3.amazonaws.com/evolution-of-mobile/index.html  for more details.

2G Phones are used and being mass produce

As years passed, more improvement has been done when it comes to mobile phones. If in the past, people use 1G in order for the brick phones to work, this time it was now discovered how useful it is to use 2G signals which use digital transmitting chips and zeroes. This is where mobile networks came to life. This way it improves the signal of the phone as well as the battery of life which is a good news.


Nokia was released and open to the public

Nokia is one of the biggest and most popular mobile phone company in the whole world. It really changes the mobile phone industry and it allows people now to call and text other people without a hassle. Since then, people are slowly able to afford to purchase Nokia phones because the prices are now somehow affordable and there are other models that you can choose from depending on its features.


iPhone then changes the era of mobile phones

It as in the early 2000s that iPhone has been introduced to the public and since then it really changes the way people communicate with one another. This phone is simply not your ordinary phone since it is not limited to call and text use only but it can also turn into your computer since it has some apps in it.

After the iPhone was publicly offered to people, a lot of big companies such as Samsung, and another big name in the mobile industry introduces their versions of smartphones, and even until this date, new smartphones are now being invented for the better.